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Online since 26.12.99, updated 15.10.01
Ian 1998
Running Stuff
Hi There. Have to admit I am hopelessly addicted to running, since starting at the age of 28. On this site is a list of running highlights, a list of marathons I have run, and a photo.

I am one of the owners and managers of Cool Running New Zealand and also Cool Running Australia, where you will find a few articles I have written.

I am a member of Wellington Harriers, and help out with Kiwi Children's Athletics Club. I am a level 2 qualified coach and teach running and Track & Field - my athletes are keenest on High Jump and Pole Vault. I am also a member of Kembla Joggers, the best running club in Australia

Other Stuff
Other stuff which is on the web includes: email: ian@coolrunning.co.nz.

Cool Running New Zealand